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: Adult children of poly families and poly
: Administrator April 07, 2013, 08:26:25 PM
We have always taught our children that they can love who ever they choose, male and female, regardless of race or creed, and as many as they choose.  However, we have also told them that poly is not easy. They know all too well the negative effects that society, family and friends have caused for our family.  Because of these negative effects, most of them have stated rather emphatically that they would NEVER choose to be poly even though they love their current poly family they were raised in.

However, recently, one of our adult children has changed their mind.  They are actually considering poly with their current partner and one other partner, who they both care about.  This recent change of mind actually shocked the three of us parents, but we offer our support in whatever their choice might be.  To be honest, it's somewhat difficult for me because I really hope that these young adults do not have to go through the societal rejection that we have experienced.  I know that having us for support helps, but their lives do not revolve around us. They do have other family and friends, who I pray supports them as well.  We already know the ones related to me won't.  In fact, these relatives of mine will blame me and my lifestyle for my child's choice of the same lifestyle.

What do you teach your children in regards to poly and love and in what ways do you offer them support?
: Re: Adult children of poly families and poly
: beccablue April 19, 2013, 02:28:05 PM
We have a similar situation here, or did -- long story.

That being said, we basically let our kids know that no matter who they love -- be it same gender, opposite gender, both genders, multiple partners, one partner -- we are behind them. We have had some very open and honest discourses on the fact that our only concern is their happiness and welfare and that we hope for them to seek partners who nurture their abilities and dreams and goals and that *what* that person or persons is physically means zero compared to *who* they are in character.

: Re: Adult children of poly families and poly
: Administrator April 19, 2013, 06:09:34 PM
Exactly Becca.  Same here.