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Title: Sex with a Potential and Pregnancy AP
Post by: Admin on April 01, 2012, 04:39:19 PM
Here's the situation:

A poly family believes that sex before marriage is okay. The potential is open to sex as well. They are courting a potential and reach the stage where she visits them. The Femme is stull unsure about poly and the potential and hopes the visit will help clarify her thoughts. During the course of the visit, they mutally agree to have sex and the protection is ineffective. The potential ends up pregnant. She tells the family that this does not mean they have to be married. When the visit ends, the potential, who has a home in another state as well as a job, wants to go home. What should they do?
Should she stay?
Do they get married because of the pregnancy?
Do they continue to court?
If the potential wants an abortion, should she?

Your thoughts anyone?