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Title: How do the fix this? AP
Post by: Admin on April 01, 2012, 04:57:01 PM
Disclaimer:  I am on my own, feeling unwell and bored yes, however this is where the comparison between myself and Jamie ends, it is a made up scenario created for the benefit of amusing oneself whilst my headache gives me grief.  It is nothing to do with my own life or my real relationships. I am not really very sick, I just have a headache and I don’t need anyone to care for me and wouldn’t ask anyway because by the time anyone reached me I would feel well again…ok, so now that is cleared up…..

Anyway, I would be interested in your opinions

There are three people in a relationship: Jamie, Frankie and Berni (gender non specific on purpose). Jamie decides to go away for a few days to visit relatives, Berni and Frankie decide that they will spend those few days footloose and fancy free, they pack off the kids and arrange for a fun filled week together.  One day later Jamie calls and says that they are feeling terribly unwell and can’t even lift up a spoon….Berni immediately offers to come around to take care of Jamie.  Frankie is terribly disappointed and thinks that Jamie might be faking it to spoil their fun.  Berni goes off to take care of Jamie, Frankie cancels the child free time and stays at home feeling resentful.  Jamie is very ill for two days, starts getting better on the third day, is nearly feeling normal on day four and by day five is feeling happy and fit.  Both Jamie and Berni return home happy and glowing.  Frankie feels that their theory has been totally confirmed and is now upset with them both and spends the next 48 hours hardly talking to either of them.

What could these three people have done differently?

What can they do to solve their problem now?