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Title: We still want to be there even when....
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What do you think of this statement, and how does it apply to poly? 

I know for us we've gone through hell and back with one another due to society causing us extreme issues.  At several points, our lives really sucked, but we stayed together because we loved one another.  Overall though, our life is great. 
Title: Re: We still want to be there even when....
Post by: Bud on April 05, 2013, 04:53:19 AM
I think that being there even when life sucks is a true test of love, trust, devotion, faithfulness and perserverence.  DeeDee and I have been through so much, and of course with ES's health problems that finally took her life, there have been many challenging times.  Even with Kate, my former, it is a touch and go relationship at times and believe me, we have a l-o-n-g history: no getting past the trials & tribulations that life brought our way (or we brought our way).  I belive love can endure anything that comes along.  DeeDee & my formers are my family, we are there for one another through the good, the bad and the downright ugly.  If anything is perfect, it is our strength as a family unit.

This might be a good place to share the trials we have overcome with the help of our poly partners, or those who are not in a poly relationship, how your partner & you have found the bridge over troubled waters and walked it together, coming safely to the other side.   :)  It always helps to know we are not alone when life just seems to suck no matter what we do.  Friends here can be a sounding board or even offering prayers.  keeping in touch with one another helps to clarify the reality of life.

I know there is no where else I'd rather be than with DeeDee when life just sucks big time.  She is my rock, my comforter, my best friend...who else would I want to be with during those rough times?  If we were actively poly, of course that would include any partners, also.  There is strength in numbers.  yeah, it's a comfort to be with the one's you love during the hard times.  I've found making it throught he rough times at the sides of my partners has been a great comfort and a special blessing.

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