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Author Topic: Episode 1 Summary  (Read 1943 times)

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Episode 1 Summary
« on: July 18, 2012, 12:05:35 AM »
The show plays on Showtime on Thursday nights 11 pm central and follows two pre-established polyamorous families: the quad, which is made up of two married couples of Kamala and Micheal (have a three year old son) and Tahl and Jennifer, and the triad consisting of Lindsay, Anthony and Vanessa (Lindsay and Anthony are married).  Each of these families seem to love each other deeply.

Micheal and Kamala ask Tahl and Jennifer to move in with into their poly-friendly home.  Jennifer mentions that she still has some reservations about moving in with them due to jealousy issues.  They all understand and discuss Jennifer's concerns with openness, understanding, respect and compassion.  Jennifer says that she still needs to have Tahl to herself in the evenings, so she asks if they were to move in if Kamala and Tahl could spend time together during the day when she works and not in the evenings.  They all agree to this arrangement and to moving in with one another.  We see them help Jennifer and Tahl move.  They sent their son to grandma's house for the evening, so the four of them could move and spend some intimate time with one another.  At this point, we see the four of them participate in a very loving time of group sex without explicit scenes of penetration. 

Lindsay returns home to Vanessa and Anthony after being gone away to college for six months.  While she was gone she had a lover named Krystoff, who Vanessa and Antony knew about.  Conflict arises though because while gone she made Krystoff her boyfriend without discussing it with the triad first which goes against the triad rules.  Vanessa experiences jealousy over Lindsay's relationship with Krystoff because they are enthralled in NRE and wants the same things with her; in fact, she feels that Lindsay is ignoring her.  This leads to an honest, respectful, and open discussion in which they communicate their feelings to one another about this predicament with Krystoff.  Vanessa and Anthony ask Lindsay to take a break from Krystoff until the triad is stronger, and after much discussion and resistance on the part of Lindsay, Lindsay finally agrees.  This also closes with a time of tactful yet loving group sex.

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