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Author Topic: On Forced Poly AP  (Read 2439 times)

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On Forced Poly AP
« on: April 01, 2012, 04:34:48 PM »
Everyone knows SisterWives (now supports Love-Not-Force.  We DO NOT believe in forced poly: we believe in consentual poly. We believe that a husband and wife(ves) should both agree and seek out a wife together. No husband or wife should force their spouse to accept poly. Being poly is not a duty. It is not a requirement.
We have heard of men and women who try to justify affairs by trying to be poly and then blame the wronged wife or husband because they refuse to accept it. We have heard of people who lusted after another person and used poly as an excuse to pursue them. Some people think they don't need their spouse to even know about a new wife. They just bring one home and surprise the wife. Then they blame the wife when things go wrong. Some use God. Though it may be acceptable in God's eyes, it is not required but to hear some men it seems God is telling every man to be poly but failing to pass the message on to the wife? Or if the wife says God is telling them no, they say the wife is lieing and disobeying God. Maybe the man is seeking after the flesh? Some just decide they want another spouse and give the wife or husband an ultimatum--accept poly or leave. Then they blame the wronged spouse for their failed marriage.
All these things are a form or force.

Poly fidelity. Trust. Communication. Honesty. Together. This is what a modern poly marriage is made of. Two people decide together to to find another wife and then work together to accomplish it. They love each other and bring a new wife into a loving marriage. And if one doesn't want to be poly?
Then they don't become poly.

Keep in mind, your first priority is to your husband, wife your original partner, not to a potential or a future spouse you want. Don't sacrifice your wife, husband or current partner and what you have for a potential or someone you haven't even met. Love them. The divorce rate is over 50%. You are lucky to hold on one spouse in this world. Many are not. Cherish them and share the rest of your life together.
Think about. You have found someone you love and loves you and will spend the rest of their lives with you. You won't be happy with that unless your poly? Spending the rest of your life with someone who loves and cherishes you isn't good enough? Really? Love not Force. Not everyone will be poly just like not everyone will be married and that is okay...
Because you are loved and love them.

Think about it.



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