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Author Topic: Ethical Slut: Openness Can be the Solution, Not the Problem  (Read 3449 times)

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I've been re-reading the book Ethical Slut.  Currently, I'm in Chapter 3 the section titled, "Openness Can be the Solution, Not the Problem." I know many monogamous people who are anti-polyamory who feel that sexual adventurousness is a way to avoid intimacy; in fact, they feel that polyamory is all about sex and sex with as many different people as we want, and thus, polyamorous people are sinful or trying to avoid intimacy.  This belief comes up in this section of the chapter. 

The authors argue, however, "Many people, in fact, find that their outside relationships can increase their intimacy with their primary partners by reducing the pressures on that relationship and by giving them a safe place to discuss issues that may have them feeling 'stuck' in the primary relationship." 

What do you think of this statement from the authors?  Do you think this is true?  Do you think it is good or a good practice to talk about your issues in one relationship with another partner outside of that relationship? How exactly would another intimate relationship help reduce the pressures on the primary relationship?  Could this extra relationship also cause further pressures as well?  Any other questions, concerns, or input?

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