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Author Topic: Poly Physiology AP  (Read 9097 times)

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Poly Physiology AP
« on: April 01, 2012, 04:50:44 PM »
Human bonding causes the release of the hormone, oxytocin, into the blood stream secreting throughout the brain and to other tissues like the ovaries and the testes. Oxytocin directly relates to birth, lactation, and maternal behavior.

In poly families, human bonding amongst sisterwives will diminsh jealousy if not make it totally disappear.

Many people believe that jealousy must be inevitable in a poly household; however, this is only the case when the sisterwives do not have a bond.

Studies from the University of California and other places demonstrate that when a female has sex with a male that she releases twice the amount of oxytocin into her blood stream then her male counterpart. This is why females bond quicker in a male/female intmate relationship then males do in the same relationship. Oxytocin floods the woman's blood stream causing her to quickly bond with other humans in which she shares intimacy. A woman giving birth also releases oxytocin causing her to bond with her new born babe, and she again releases this hormone when she nurses. This is why a mother's bonds are usually stronger than a father's.

According to the same study and many others, the more intimate a woman or a female grows with another individual the more oxytocin released. The more frequently oxytocin releases between the same two or more persons the stronger the bond grows. Touch is vital. Females usually hug and kiss more than most men. Females tend to even hold hands with one another even when they are just friends.

Thus, it is safe to assume that this study would be vital to a polygamous or polyamorous relationship to help alleviate or delete jealousy. If sisterwives become intimate with each other by cuddling, hugging, kissing, caressing, holding hands, and touching one another, they will release oxytocin into the blood stream which will cause these sisterwives to bond to one another. The more intimate sisterwives are with one another the more oxytocin they will release, and this causes them to grow a strong bond with one another that can be even stronger than with their husband because they emit twice the amount of oxytocin then the husband. If the women stay intimate with one another several times a day and every day, the stronger the bond grows between them to the point where jealousy will completely disappear.

It is this same hormone which allows a man to love more than one wife as long as he remains intimate with each. As long as the husband does not diminsh his affection or sexual intimacy with either of his wives, he remains bonded to each wife. However, it is important to note here that oxytocin is not released in relationships where abuse or force is present. This is why a victim will not bond to their rapist.

Therefore, sisterwives should allow themselves to fully love their sisterwives by creating an intimate bond with them through physcial touch every day. Examples of physical touch include kissing, caressing, hugging, holding, cuddling, massage, touching one anothers' bodies, or even sexual intimacy. This physical intimacy releases the oxytocin hormone through their bodies causing the women to create a strong love bond with one another either equal to or more than they have with their husband. In return, the husband must remain sexually intimate, whether through sex or physical touch, with each wife daily which releases this same hormone so that he can love each wife equally and create a lasting bond with each.

I encourage the women on this board to commit themselves to truly loving their sisterwives through physical touch and sexual intimacy in order to create a strong loving bond with one another to force jealousy to disappear. I also challenge the men to remain sexually intimate with each of their wives daily in order to strengthen their bond with each wife, and I ask the men to encourage their wives to become physically intimate with one another in order to squash out jealousy.




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