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Author Topic: The best beef stew! NOT quick.  (Read 6101 times)

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The best beef stew! NOT quick.
« on: April 27, 2012, 08:17:24 AM »
So start off with left over roast from the previous recipe. The meat will pull apart very easily. I do just to make it go farther, but it will do more on its own too. Even a tough roast (but not burned) can be salvaged this way. (Just cut into small pieces).

Put it in a slow-cooker or a roasting pan and any leftover gravy and veggies too! Slow-cooker is the best thing in this case... but you can make it without one.

Chop up fresh onions (Sweet Valeda are best, but use your fave variety, or what's available... even dehydrated). Add peppers (Think colour and make it a variety if you can), peas, carrots, corn, grean beans, (I often use frozen - but broccoli can turn your stew green), zuchinni - diced. Cut potatoes into spoon size pieces. Those with big families... makes them go much farther! Think one potato per person, but half will do too! You can add a tomato if you wish... only one or 2 though.

Add your spices. Again, that clubhouse roasted garlic and pepper is nice, but also add in tabasco (can be mild, you don't want it to be too spicy), soya sauce (to darken, more than to flavor), a wee bit of mustard, worcestershire sauce. You can add a touch of red wine, but you don't really need it.

Cover with water. Set on low (slowcooker), or your lowest setting on your oven making sure it IS on.

This is where its slow... leave it alone for the day! Stir it ocassionally. It should be hot, if not, turn the oven up a tad. Make sure there's enough water. Stir it right before bedtime and first thing in the morning. Yes... you've left it to cook overnight.

Add some oatmeal flour (if you have any), just sprinkle it on with your fingers and stir it in. Otherwise, take out some broth and put it in a small pot - add cornstarch or flour, until it thickens but is not lumpy and return to stew. Add in some Bisto or other gravy mix. Stir until well mixed. This is stew, not soup.

If you like crunchy celery in your stew... add it between noon and 2pm... if you like it softer, you can add it earlier, or if you like it mushy... add it with everything else the day before.

Dinner will be ready by 5 or 6pm. Make some fresh bread to go along with it. Leave the salt alone... it has enough flavors, but if you do find it lacking, each person can add their own. (Soya sauce has salt, as do gravy mixes). Enjoy!!!

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Re: The best beef stew! NOT quick.
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2012, 06:29:11 PM »
Sounds delicious!  I want to try this now.
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