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Author Topic: A War Between Polyandry and Polygamy  (Read 4551 times)

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A War Between Polyandry and Polygamy
« on: April 28, 2012, 09:23:52 PM »
A War Between Polyandry and Polygamy

I donít want wars between the nations
As they have hidden bombs to hurl.
They have groups of spies and quislings
to augment the animosity for wreaking havoc.
The soldiers loot the gold of women and then shoot.

I donít want the animals to fight with each other.
To let out their ire, they come down to plains
They devastate the crops and kill the innocent men.
The animals wild donít want to call a truce,
though our Vets conduct camps to assuage their rage.

If a war breaks out between the polyandrous women
and the men who practise polygamy,
only brooms and slippers will be whirling.
Before they draw out the swords from the sheaths
or load the guns to shoot, they will reach a compromise
and add one more wife or hubby to their account.

Rajendran Muthiah


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