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Poly Living is a general resource site that includes articles, a forum and social media in serving the ethical non-monogamy community. Originally, we were Sisterwives.yuku and opened in 1999. The creator, Maria, was seeking to meet others involved in non-monogamy.  In 2000, she turned the site over to Steadfast. At that time, the site focused specifically on women involved in non-monogamy.  As time went on (and the site grew), Antony stepped in to help.  The site expanded to encompass both men and women. Yuku shut us down in February of 2011 saying that “poly was illegal and went against the terms of service by promoting illegal activities”- ie polyamory.

Infinite Love

At that point, we decided to take Sisterwives in a different direction and created PolyLiving.net. We wanted to focus more on polyamory and providing a community that embraced all types of ethical non-monogamy. We believe that in order for ethical non-monogamy to be accepted by mainstream society that all forms of non-monogamous must be willing to work together.   Our site accepts all forms of ethical non-monogamy in hopes to obtain this goal, reach others with the poly mindset and to educate the public. To keep current, we also have our Polyliving Facebook group and Twitter.  Currently, we are looking for guest articles and writers for the website, and we are more than happy to link the article and writer back to the original source.

The admins have been a practicing poly family for over 14 years.  Our trio has been interviewed by Lester Holt on Weekend Today and done a few radio and newspaper interviews.  We have had our ups and downs, but through it all we’ve learned.  Through our successes and mistakes, we’ve maintained a firm belief in polyamory and learned that there is not just one way to be polyamorous.  As Tristan Taormino states in “Opening Up“: “There are no scripts or models for open relationships, so people in them must invent their partnerships by living them. When their relationships change, they are just as likely to renegotiate them to make them work as they are to end them.”  For those traveling this road, Poly Living offers help and insight.

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  2. I am a bisexual, polyamorist, nudist living in Brooklyn, NY. and I am interested in meeting others in my area for a long term relationship….can you help me find out where to meet others with interests similar to mine

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