WHY KNOT – Breaking the Silence on Monogamy

This film, Why Knot-Breaking the Silence of Monogamy, was shared with us recently by Dr. Daamini Shrivastav. The film makers are raising money for the film now and it is definitely worth taking a moment to look at.  Quoting from their website:

“Through art and introspection, we wish to leave a film behind in this world which will help others make informed decisions about the most valuable relationships in their lives.

It is not our objective to advocate for or against monogamy, but to break the silence on this issue. Our vision is to empower relationships and to encourage communication within, with the hope that one day, infidelity and the containment of our desires may only be a remnant of human history.”

Check out Why Knot online and the crowd funding page!

Enjoy the trailer and an excerpt of Dossie Easton’s (author of Ethical Slut) interview.

Yahoo Polyamory Groups


Yahoo Groups has been around for a long time.  Some of these groups have been active since 1999!  With the advent of Facebook and Google, some groups are not as active.  We hope this list will aide in finding like minded friends.

Alabama Polyamory Alabama

AZ-Poly Purpose Phoenix, AZ

Poly Tucson Tucson, Arizona

East Bay Poly Potluck East Bay, CA

North Bay Poly  North Bay, CA

Santa Cruz Polyamory Santa Cruz, California

South Cal-Poly Southern California

Connecticut Polys Connecticut

Poly People GA/FL Poly Group  Southern Georgia, Northern Florida

WNC-Poly Asheville, NC

Hawaiian Poly Pagans Hawaii

Inland NorthWest Poly  North Idaho, Eastern Washington

Bi-State PolyList  St. Louis, IL

Poly Chicago Chicago, IL

Fort Wayne Indiana Polyamory Fort Wayne, Indiana

Iowa Polyamory Iowa

Kansas Poly Kansas

KY Poly List Kentucky

Polyamory Maine Maine

Baltimore Maryland Polyamory Baltimore, ML

W-Mass PolyDiscuss W. Massachusetts

Western Mass. Poly Events

Michigan Polyamory Michigan

Poly People MN Minnesota

BiState Poly List St. Louis, MS

Inland NorthWest Poly  North Idaho and Eastern Washington

Pburg Poly Philipsburg, Montana

Polyamory Vegas  Las Vegas, Nevada

NE-Poly New Hanpshire

NJ  Polyamory Group New Jersey

New York City Polyamory New York City

Roch/NY Poly Rochester, NY

Polyamory Columbus Columbus, OH

OK-Poly Oklahoma

Polyamory Circle Portland Oregon

Three Rivers Polyamory Network Three  Rivers, PA

Susquehanna Valley Polyamory  Susquehanna, PA

TN-Poly Tennessee

Austin Polyamory Group Austin, TX

Utah Polyamory Society Utah

VT Poly Woodchucks Vermont

Harp Richmond Richmond, VA

Roanoke Poly Roanoke, VA

Seattle-Poly Seattle, WA.

Tacoma-Olympia Poly, Tacoma, WA

Madison Area Polyamory Society Madison, Wisconsin  

Polyamory in Wisconsin Wisconsin

Poly Out Madison, WI